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This page aims at documenting the effort to create a community of people interested in Robotics, learning robotics, making robotics, having fun with robotics-related projects. Some of us a greatly interested in participating in Robotics competition.

Feel free to join anytime, we usually meet on tuesdays. Check out Calendar and consider joining our Mailing-List and liking our Facebook Page.

Skills/Wishes of members (put yours!)

Claire: interested in getting basic skills in robotics and whatever people are interested in
knows medecine, immunology, raising bio-engineering knowledge

Denis: interested in robotics design, creating hardware
knows electronics, processing signals, programming, micro-controller, basics robotics

Jordan: interested in underwater robotics, ecosystem monitoring, mapping and localisation
knows robotics, space system laboratory, balanced background in electrical and mechanical engineering

Kevin: interested in 3D printing, Biology inspired robots
knows robotics, programming, biology

Aishah: interested in having fun, solding
knows basic electronics, basic programming

Julien: interested in embedded programming
knows programming

Antoine: interested in building handy & funny robots for everyday's life of people :)
knows Arduino's Hello World, Python, Linux

Charles: interested in building stuff and getting hands dirty
knows how to build some robots, biology, electronics, aesthetics, mechanics

Michael: interested in building demonstration robots
knows Product Design, basic programming

Good Books, tutos, references

See our Arduino page.

( We'll try to buy some of those books )


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