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3d printing with fabelier's reprap

Design of the piece

You need to choose the software to design your piece and export it in STL. Here we're documenting the use of Sketchup and Openscad.

Design with sketchup

You need a plugin to export in STL.

Plugin installation

Click on the Window menu, and preferences item. On the extensions submenu click Install extensions, search for your .rbz file.

Open or draw your piece, to save it, triple click on it to select the whole piece, then click the File menu and the Export STL item.

Design with openscad

Printing of the piece

You need a STL file, so you can bring it to the printing computer on an USB key.

Nowadays we can't print more than 100mm × 100mm cause the printing flood is not completly flat, we need to change it.

  • Boot the computer (behind the screen).
  • Login is 'reprap' and password is 'reprap'.
  • Copy the STL file to the computer, in the folder : /home/reprap/Documents/3DModels/YOUR_NAME/ so you'll find it later.
  • Boot the computer power supply that power the reprap.
  • Start slic3r in ~/Bin/Slic3r/bin/slic3r
  • Then drag your STL file in the "Dra your objects here" zone or click 'Add' and find your STL file.
  • Click Export G-code and save (in the same place, your folder), it may take some time.
  • Execute ~/Bin/Printrun/ (you may need to click on 'Run').
  • Click 'Connect' and check 'Monitor Printer'
  • Wait for the interface to be connected to the printer.
  • Click on the 'Set' button near the Heater label.
  • Waiting for the printing head to head (200°), click 'Load file' and open your .gcode file.
  • Using the "Extrude button" extrude 20mm of filament.
  • Clean the printing head using the toothbrush.
  • Click "Print" !
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