How to build a Jerry, the DIY Server

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Jerry is a DIY nomade server designed by Romain Chanut. It can be built and assembled locally thanks to easy to find electronic components and end of life materials.

A workshop will be organized at Fabelier on March, 21th, 2012 in order to build lot of them and explore some potential usages. Feel free to edit this page, and to join Fabelier's Mailing-List.

List of Material

Some photos Here

  • Zipper
  • Sew string
  • Can
  • Power supply
  • Elastics
  • Hard drive(s)
  • Mother Board (kind of little)
  • Switch
  • Pico PSU :: 1 per motherboard
  • Old Audio Cables :: 1 Meter
  • Jack Tips :: One Male & Female per component (average 4)
  • Ethernet Cable :: 1 for the switch and 1 per cluster
  • SATA Cable :: 1 per hard drive

Needed Tools

  • Iron Solder
  • Saw
  • Cutter
  • Needle
  • Dice
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