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Owning and using dog life jackets is a good idea if you have a pool or frequently visit the ocean or lakes with your dog.http://www.monclerjakken.com/ , A dog life jacket works in the same way as human life jackets. Your dog can enjoy the water and be safe. All you need to do is strap them in and they are all set. There are many dog life jackets available and they come in different sizes depending on the size of your dog.

XS dog life jackets are recommended for Bichon, Pekingese, Silky terriers, toy poodle sand other dogs that are between 7 to 15 pounds. Very small dogs like Yorkshires, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas should use XXS life jackets. Dogs 15 to 20 pounds, such as Jack Russell terriers, Dachshunds and Welsh Terriers would use S life jackets. There are also large life jackets for bigger dogs.

Most life jackets will have a quick grab handle on the top so you can reach out and quickly catch your dog if it is in trouble. It I advised to not use a neoprene life jacket as many dogs tend to become overheated and it can case a rash by chafing. The current life jackets are breathable and the material allows for fast drying and draining.

A little known fact is that not dogs all know how to swim. Some dogs actually don't like the water because they become cold very quickly. Dog breeds such as greyhounds do not have a lot of body fat so they become cold very fast when in water. Other dogs have a phobia of water as they may have been through a traumatic experience as a puppy. Even the best dog swimmers should wear a life jacket as it can save your dogs life.

Even if your dog loves the water being overweight, old or sick can fatigue them and they can succumb. Everyone even dogs can reach a point where they have difficulty keeping their head above water. A life jacket can help your dog float if it should reach that point. You should think about it this way if you require your kids to wear a life jacket or flotation device then so should your dog. They are part of the family too.

It is also important to introduce your dog to water slowly as a lot of movement can cause anxiety. A dog life jacket may be needed to make your dog feel safe and secure in the water. So your dog is comfortable in a life jacket you should have them wear it a few times at home.

When choosing a life jacket you want one that fits your dog, is made of good breathable material and has a buoyancy rating. Always make sure your dog is within sight range when wearing a dog life jacket so they do not become entangled. By taking some time and care you will provide a great water experience and your dog will soon enjoy the water just as much as you do.

Dog life jackets can come in fun prints and patterns. Some may have reflexive strips making them very easy to see in the water. To correctly size a dog life jacket you will need to measure your dog from the base of its tail to the base of the neck. Overweight dogs should go one size larger then recommended and long backed dogs should go one size smaller.

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