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Jerry WLAN! - Hacking Party


Configuring the server for a mesh-network. Apache, Varnish, insert here make 2 nodes connect with each others over mesh [BATMAN + …] routing users over a mesh network […] explore file-system level syncing capabilities among nodes part of the same network […] redesign the web interface for the piratebox app [HTML + CSS] + Justine.


  • 17h - 17h15: Challenge presentation
  • 17h15 - 17h30: Pairs composition (2 brains, 1 keyboard)
  • 17h30 - 18h: discuss the HOW ? ⇒ what are the tasks to be done during the 1st sprint ?
  • 18h - 19h30: Sprint 1
  • 20h - 20h30: Review1 + food + discuss the next round ⇒ task list update
  • 20h - 21h: Sprint 2
  • 21h - 21h20 : Review2 + food + discuss the last sprint ⇒ task list update
  • 21h30 - 22h30: Sprint 3


  • Trying to work with possibility to disconnection? → Asynchronous sync?
  • bittorrent protocol between Jerry for sharing data ? → Bitorrent need a tracker

Turn a wifi adapter into an access point : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/MasterMode


  • wicd-curses :: network manager in term
  • wget curl elinks lynx :: term web browser
  • hostapd ::
  • screen ::
  • htop :: Processing monitoring in term
  • varnish ::

Configuring Etherpad-lite as a daemon : http://wiki.fabelier.org/index.php?title=Configure_Etherpad-lite

Configuring Varnish : http://wiki.fabelier.org/index.php?title=Configure_Varnish

Documentation Batmand

Man batmand :: B.A.T.M.A.N


batmand eth1 wlan0:test

Start batman daemon on interface “eth1” and on alias interface “wlan0:test”

batmand -o 2000 -a -a eth1

Start batman daemon on interface “eth1” with originator interval of 2000 ms while announcing and

batmand -s -d 1 eth1

Start batman daemon on interface “eth1”, sending topology information to and with debug level 1 (does not fork into the background).

batmand eth1 && batmand -c -d 1 -b

Start batman daemon on interface “eth1”. Connect in client mode to get the debug level 1 output once (batch mode).

batmand -g 2000kbit/500kbit eth1 && batmand -c -r 1

Start batman daemon on interface “eth1” as internet gateway. Connect in client mode to disable the internet gateway and enable internet search mode.

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