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Mesh Now

DISCLAIMER :: This project is dead-birth since i've found a far better, complete and mature project called Nodeshot made by the Ninux Community. I'm building a http://wiki.fabelier.org/index.php?title=Nodeshot Tutorial on how to install it.

Mesh Now is a project that aims at mapping the volunteering effort in installing nodes for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad-hoc_network Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

People can rapidly see were some meshwork initiatives take place around the world, and Mesh Now allow them to notify existing nodes or their will to install one.

The service is password protected for now, because it has too much security bugs to be public. Login is “tous” and password is “toutous”.

Source code is on Github.

Finding the exact position of a router

While filling a form to add a Node on [http://meshnow.fabelier.org/ Mesh Now], you need to give the 'exact' position of the place you installed, or are willing to install, a router. 'This means that providing the coordinates of your street address is useless', you must identify the exact position of the router using a GPS device exactly where the router is installed.

The GPS device must be place near the exact position of the router in order to provide useful information to Mesh Now

The GPS device (here, an android phone) must be place near the exact position of the router in order to provide useful information to Mesh Now

Position Details

To describe the exact position you need its geographical coordinates and its altitude

Mesh Now read coordinates with the following format: DD.DDDDDD

Altitude is provided in Meters : MM

For example, you can add a node using the following information:

 Latitude: 24.666986
 Longitude: 5.284423
 Altitude: 52

Getting GPS position with an Android phone

In order to use an android phone to track the GPS position of your router you must install Status App.

After selecting the right format in the parameters (DD.DDDDDD°), but the device as close as possible to your router and wait for GPS Status to find out its coordinates and altitude (this can take up to 10 minutes).

Getting GPS position with an iPhone

Other ways to get a GPS position

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