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Twitter API

From the workshop the March, 23th, 7pm @ CRI by Joaquin Keller

You will find all the code on our GITHUB repo : https://github.com/fabelier/TwitterAPI

About this Workshop

The idea is to catch the stream of all tweets (~ 100 millions daily) and process them to extract the hashtag zeitgeist, ie the most popular hashtags of the moment. This program consisting of few dozen lines of python will be modified during the workshop to filter out and processing the tweets according to the attendants suggestions.

Prepare this Workshop

You need to install Python ( http://www.python.org/download/ ) - ( the code we are going to use was not tested with Python 3.X, so if you're new to it, go for 2.X versions ).

You need to install Twisted, a python module web_collage_with_twisted

Live documents

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