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Creating an event

When we organize an event in fabelier we generally :

How to create a post on the website

  • login with your password on fabelier.org/wp-admin
    • if you don't hava a password ask to admin (-at-) fabelier.org
  • then clik on “Post” > “add new post”
  • add the title of the event in the title of the post with the date
  • (on the right panel) select the categorie “Events”
  • (on the right panel) add some tags to describe the event
  • (on the right panel) click on “featured Image”
    • click on “Set featured image”
      • choose or upload a image for the visibility of your post on the home page picture are 210px of width.

How to spread the news

  • write a mail to fabelier (-at-) googlegroups.com with the following template :
  We organize -title of your event- @fabelier :
  What : -description + https://fabelier.org/yourEventPage-
  When : -date-
  Where : https://fabelier.org/where/
  Have fun !
  -your name-
  • To send a tweet login on the profile : https://twitter.com/fabelier
    • If you don't have the access ask to admin (-at-) fabelier.org
  • Then write a tweet such as “ The 01/01/2013 @youspeaker will talk about XXXX https://fabelier.org/yourEventPage #topickeyword”
  • You could also send the mail to other friends/ groupes/ fablab / hackerspaces if you think it's relevant.
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