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 +====== Places of creativity ======
 +Place of creativity was an overview by **Jean Baptiste Labrune** on his travel and observation.
 +His talk will be centered on creative and alternatives places, including in the US where he is doing a pos-doc (MIT) and has visited a lot of hacklabs and fablabs there and here.
 +This won’t be a formal presentation,​ the purpose here is to associate freely any experiences relevant to this topic.
 +Fabien had take note of the [[http://​fabelier.org/​jb-labrune-creativity/​|28/​02/​2011 session]] on is [[http://​fabien.benetou.fr/​Events/​Jean-BaptisteLabruneOnCreativity|wiki]].
 +Samuel put some [[http://​www.flickr.com/​photos/​samuel-huron/​5491146897/​|pictures here]] .
 +and you can find some delicious links spoken during the talk with the tag [[http://​www.delicious.com/​tag/​fabelier-28-02-2011|fabelier-28-02-2011]]
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